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#4 Product of the DayDecember 09, 2019
Visually design, prototype and build fully functional software projects efficiently and easy - with Generato. Create an application visually, generate your code language and framework independent and seamlessly customize the generated result!
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Hey Product Hunters 👋 Cedrik from Generato here. We are so excited to finally present Generato to all of you 🤩 Thanks a lot to @bramk for hunting us! You can try Generato for free at At Generato we noticed that up to 65% of code is so-called infrastructure code. It does not contain the business logic of the project but is needed so that the project is set up correctly. Also, this code is the same in many projects. We immediately thought of automating this situation. That's when Generato was born. A visual software generator for developers! With Generato you can create fully working software projects in three steps: 1. Visual application design - Create a transparent project structure and provide the basis for generating your code. 💻 2. Generato your code in seconds - You never have to start from scratch again. Choose one of our high-quality code templates. ♺ 3. Seamless development - Customize your code, which integrates seamlessly into your own development cycle. 🏎 ++++++ Generato benefits at a glance ++++++ SPEED UP DEVELOPMENT ✅ Save up to 65% of your development time and costs by using our visual graph and template approach. YOUR TEMPLATES. YOUR CODE. ✅ You can modify our default templates or start from scratch. Create your individual templates for any requirements. LOCAL CODE GENERATION FROM YOUR BROWSER ✅ Using the newest version of Google Chrome, your code will only be generated directly into your local file system. CUSTOM ATTRIBUTES TO ENHANCE YOUR TEMPLATES ✅ Generato's templates are not just regular templates. Generate even more useful code by customizing your templates even further. GENERATE AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WISH WITHOUT LOSING MANUAL CHANGES ✅ With Generato your individually added code is kept safe at any time, which allows you to implement changes and regenerate quickly. ... and many more features coming soon!🔥 Do you have any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments? We are currently in our first big feedback phase so leave a comment, we’d love to hear from you! PS: THANK YOU in advance for upvoting and supporting Generato!
@bramk @cedrik_dudek the video almost gave me a seizure
@mike_seekwell Oops! 🚑 we thought about that and the high pitched noise at the beginning lets my ears explode as well 🤯
@mike_seekwell @cedrik_dudek can you please share url link to (web)apps builded with this platform. Video is kinda to explosive. I would prefer - URL - Name project X - What generato brought to the table for this project
@francoolaami Unfortunately, I can't share current projects due to our terms of service and privacy policy. But you can take a look here:
@cedrik_dudek Mmmmk. in order to invest time in discovering your platform i wish i could see a demo, not the documentation that you have shown me. Please ping me back when a client (or yourselfs :)) can expose an app
We are one of the first beta customers of Generato. I can really say that we are happy that we are now using Generato for our projects. We are a mid sized software agency and with Generato we are saving up to 70% of time at our projects so far.
@max_tri87 Thanks Max, always nice to hear your feedback! 😍
I learned nothing from that video. What type of apps? Web apps? Xcode? What does it actually make?
@e_b_rosner That's true, the video alone only gives a short summary of what Generato is about and thats code generation. 🚀 At the moment you can build web apps in Angular and Spring Boot with Generato. You can see this on one of our product pictures 😊 As you can see there as well we are working on Firebase and Ruby on Rails aaaand many more 🤓
@e_b_rosner And what you can get is also available in one of our screenshots above or take a look here:
@e_b_rosner we‘d be also very happy if you share your needs/requirements with us so we can prioritize our development to fulfill your needs in the best possible way 😊
Looks awesome! Will definitely give this a twirl. Will there be more features in the future such as - building ER diagrams and exporting them as SQL queries - exporting logic for any kind of framework such as Vue, React, Laravel
Hi @jeiman, thanks for your feedback. Love to hear that you like Generato! With respect to upcoming features we are currently analyzing what our community want us to do next. Actually your export idea sounds awesome and we haven’t thought of it before - thanks! A Vue Stack is currently in the making and will be available soon. Since the beginning of our PH launch Laravel and React have been requested quite a few times, so these might be our next stacks to go. We’ll let you know as soon as possible!
@philip_schenk Sounds good. I'll definitely check in from time to time to see new updates. I use Vue quite heavily now, so I look forward to seeing that in the future. Kudos for making this app!
I like it, it will be certainly an excellent tool for startups in a close future. Hope to see it growth.
@juanpablosarmi Thank you! 😍 Especially for startups working on a new project, MVP or prototype Generato is the most useful tool 🚀