The most practical way to get high-quality generated faces for commercial content.
• Fully tagged and searchable faces
• Forget about sourcing, model releases, and hassles!
• AI-flaw detection for incredible consistency
• Trained on licensed, exclusive data
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When we launched the 100,000 Faces tech demo a few months ago we also teased our main work, creating a versatile API that serves AI-generated content. Today we are happy to take the wraps off of our v1 API. Now you can easily integrate permissive AI-generated headshot photos into any project. This new API offers fully tagged and searchable access to faces across age ranges, ethnicities, and physical attributes. We are constantly improving our output results and have developed a brand new AI system to make sure faces that seem too ‘off’ never make it to production. This new process delivers class-leading consistency for AI developed imagery. Get started for free today! Personal use is available for free with attribution and commercial licenses are now available as well. We are already creating new products with this API internally and are very excited to see what the community produces. Interest for headshot images has already come in from research projects, dementia testing applications, 3D facial animation programs, advertisers, and many more creative cases that have been left behind by traditional stock media. If you have custom needs or a showcase project you want to use AI-generated images on, we would love to hear about it. PS: Also launching today is our main photo platform! Filter, sort, download, and vote on 100k+ pre-created headshot images; all powered by the Generated Photos API.
PS ProductHunt rules prohibit us releasing it yet, but here's more fun: The new better faces with filters and my favorite feature: similar faces
Media coverage for AI typically focuses on deep fakes, but we chose to see things on the brighter side. AI-based media has many wholesome uses such as for people who are trying to protect their anonymity, avoid embarrassing situations, or reach new audience members through image tailoring. With this release we hope to start moving generated content out of 'vaporware' and into the hands of real users. What makes Generated Photos special? - We have developed the safest AI production process, which involved taking tens of thousands of model-released images in our own studio. - Our model images are made from scratch by our machine learning systems, meaning they carry no additional usage restrictions such as copyrights, or sensitive-use clauses. - Our images feature incredible detail and consistency compared to other generative offerings available. - We offer the ability to directly integrate our faces into nearly any app or website on-demand and at scale.
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@tylerlastovich @alxcnwy that was my understanding too at first: scrape whatever photos you need and generate whatever you need. Apparently, it's not that simple; you can't using people's personal data even if you don't publish it openly. Facebook got sued for much less: I'm not a lawyer myself and can't give legal advice, but here's what I've learned from the talks with our attorney: if you're a large business and use scraped data, some of these scraped models will actively seek for another consent you miss or another law you broke.
@tylerlastovich @visualpharm Interesting, thanks for the detailed reply!
Cool to see such a progress for quite a short time after the first launch! Kudos to the team
@myalanska many many thanks!
Disgusting! Started to use few hours ago and can't stop. Still trying to build ideal human...
Well done Ivan & team! This is a really interesting space, congratulations on your API launch and on shipping so quickly! 🙌 I’m keen to see what products you’re creating internally… Do you only do headshots or full-body generated images? BTW clicking "refuse" on your cookies popup redirects me here for some reason:
@alxcnwy Thanks Alex! We are definitely working with more than just headshots and are actively capturing data in our studio well beyond just faces. Faces were a logical space to start with for us, as there are a fewer edge cases to handle for ML generation (clothing is hard because it comes in so many styles). In the meantime, we have face transfer to existing images fully working and that will be one of the next releases we push out. And thanks for the bug report, we are fixing a few little things right now. :)
@tylerlastovich Awesome, that sounds like a solid start! I'd love to see you guys productize and refine some of the mind-blowing GAN "try-on clothes" work e.g.
@tylerlastovich @alxcnwy what are the applications of it? * Making the product shots for ecommerce? * Virtual dressing room?
@tylerlastovich @alxcnwy that's awesome! Do you know more work on fashion like that?
@tylerlastovich @alxcnwy @maxime_patte facebook's fashion++ etc.