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Sven Bob
  • Sven Bob
    Sven BobSenior Android Engineer @ stanwood

    Neat design, multi-platform


    Doesn't seem to be actively developed any more :(

    Checked the apps in the app stores as well as their social network accounts - seems the product is dead.

    Sven Bob has never used this product.
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Nick Kwan
Nick Kwan@nwkwan · Head of Growth, Pakible (YC W15)
Differences compared to Pocket? I see the reading time feature which Pocket should've implemented years ago. I also see a reminder feature?
Juergen Hoebarth
Juergen Hoebarth@juergenhoebarth01 · CEO Haexagon Concepts , Product Innovati
Clean but half of the sites you guys can not store
Jose Niño Pérez
Jose Niño Pérez@jaironpz · Data, Tech and Social Science
I've been looking for something like this for a while now. Will try it.
John@pregenun · Curator of / wannabe desinger
Clean ⭐
Shauli Daon
Shauli Daon@shauli_daon · Founder at
impressively super-cross-platform :)