The first real food vitamin for womankind

GEM is reimagining nutrition for women and the planet by building the first vitamin made from real food.

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This is a new take on vitamins and they seem to be moving in the right direction! The product tastes good and provides the essentials. I take gem with so much less apprehension than a traditional vitamin. Can't wait to see what they come out with next and I look forward to a monthly or quarterly subcription model, so I don't need to think about ordering it when I run out.


Delicious & nutritious innovation in vitamins


Still new. Have only used it for a month.

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The branding is certainly unique. Aesthetically it reminds me of Ritual, but the form factor is clearly very different. Is there a difference in effectiveness between traditional vitamin capsule vs. the chewable form you're offering, @sara_kristin?
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@rrhoover hey thanks! Yes, real food absorption can be more effective for a few reasons: 1) nutrients from whole foods are absorbed more slowly 2) they're absorbed together and work synergistically with the other nutrients present in the whole plant 3) when you absorb nutrients from whole foods rather than synthetically derived isolates you're also getting antioxidants and other bioactive compounds outside of key vitamins + minerals that are just as critical for your body and, lastly, 4) it tastes better / a more delightful experience and doesn't upset your stomach in the morning
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Thank you @riaface for the submission! Hello fellow Product Hunter friends! I'm Sara, the founder of GEM, a female-first health & wellness brand reimagining daily nutrition with real ingredients and sustainable methods. GEM was born out of my frustration with complicated supplement routines that included swallowing a handful of horse capsules filled with artificial ingredients, toxic fillers, & sugary fluff. For the past year, I've working on building a new kind of vitamin entirely – one made with real ingredients and designed for women. 30 prototypes and over 200 beta users later, GEM is now ready to be shipped to your door! Gem is the first real food vitamin built for women, by women. Made with 12 whole foods, GEM has all the daily nutrients you need in one bite. We’re on a mission to redesign our daily habits for a healthier body & planet. We’d love to hear your feedback so far! Please ask questions or comment directly and I'll be online to answer. This is our first product and we're glad to have the PH community along for the ride!
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Congrats Sara!
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@peekeapp thank you!!
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@sara_kristin I’m curious if any of your customers have noticed more breakouts when using this product. I’m halfway into the first month of taking them and have had breakouts on my face and chest. This is not common for me, so I realized the only thing that has changed is that I started using this product. Would love some feedback. Thank you!
@jlynnyoshida Sara here! Thanks for letting us know! We have a lot of wonderful plants and nutrients for your skin and often hear from our customers that they are have clearer skin. However given the diversity of ingredients and nutrition, every *body* is different and has different sensitivities. We recommend you consult with your doctor – and drink a lot of water!
@dailygemco okay, maybe my body is just adjusting. I appreciate your prompt response! And I like the flavor of these and the ease of taking them. Right up my alley with the whole foods element. Much love!
This product is not only delicious, but I love that I’m getting my vitamins in a form other than pills. It’s like a small treat with great texture. It’s so satisfying. It’s both satiating and makes me feel like a healthier woman. Thank you for bringing this to our market!!!
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@olivia_newbold thank you so much for your review and support!
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It's so refreshing to be able to see the nutrients in the bite and understand where they come from. It's also great to not have to worry about purchasing a bunch of different supplements and rest assured that everything I need is in this one bite.


Comes in one nutrient packed energy bite. Easy to chew on in the morning while getting ready for the day.


Remember to rinse your mouth after you finish to get out any stubborn chia seeds :)

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