Gear Browser

Inspect and debug easily on mobile

Gear is a powerful web browser lets you enjoy the simple, fast, secure, well-designed and exclusive browsing experience.

It included the best dark mode, full-screen, ads blocker, elements inspector
, color picker, markdown/JSON viewer, web console.
Marcel Braun
  • Pros: 

    Clean design, nice tools


    Please give us the option to don't always open apps, e.g. YouTube when clicked on a link


    Marcel Braun has used this product for one day.
Hi, I'm the maker of Gear browser. Hope to hear your feedback here :)
How does this work?
The best thing should try is the dark mode and full-screen. This is the best optimized dark mode on browser than others. And also you can shake your phone to toggle full-screen for the best browsing experience. It's also included ads blocker, for better speed.
The app would be perfect if it was actually free, please mind there are a lot of devs in countries with no access to basic banking services such as debit or credit cards. Hope you will consider this in the next releases of the app.
@yasmina_phelps Having subscription plan will greatly help the app development for better experience without distributing ads on it or other business model. But we will consider make some features as free step by step for the further development.