GDPR Scan Widget

Embed and Scan for GDPR compliance on your website

Together with a few partners, we developed a small nifty little web widget to scan a website for GDPR compliance.

Partners can easily embed the widget to their website and earn a commission when people sign up using the widget. More details s

Typical businesses, as we see now, who embed the web widget are consultancy companies working with compliance, data privacy, security and technology.

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Awesome job. I just used it on my site. You saved me a ton of time. Cheers!
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out

Saved me a ton of time


Great UI and really easy to setup


Didn't see any

@tim_holmgren Looks awesome on your site!
Hello guys! Do you plan give some advanced recommendation for yellow and red level rating?
@anbetosee Hello Anton. In short, the red means that you are not compliant in terms of GDPR or ePrivacy and yellow that you are transferring data outside "adequate countries". We go level deeper than that and it gets a bit more tricky to explain here. Ping me on Twitter if you'd like to follow up!
@storbaek I tried to use the iframe widget, but am getting a error "404 - File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable." Same issue when I visit the site below. Is your website down at the moment?
@ajgodinho Hey Anthony. Thanks for mentioning. The site was temp. unavailable due to an upgrade. Should be working now. Let me know if any questions!
@storbaek Hi Dan, thanks for getting back to me. The site is back up now. I'm actually running the compliance test on one of my sites. However, it seems to be stuck at 10% (for the past 15 minutes) with a message "Scanning your website. Scanning can take up to 5 minutes..." EDIT: Just want to add that I'm using the latest version of Firefox Quantum UPDATE: I noticed that when I don't add the "www." to the website address, the scan doesn't work. However, upon adding the "www.", I am now able to get the compliance scan results.