GDPR checker is a curated list of vendor-submitted GDPR compliance statements and practices. It's a public-facing tool that's part of Siftery Track's SaaS vendor management solution.

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The GDPR 🇪🇺is one of the most consequential pieces of regulation in the digital age, and it's going into effect in only 10 days (May 25th)! While nominally applying only to data controllers and processors (with users in/ based out of) of the EU, in practice it'll impact most companies either directly or because of policy and functionality changes at their software vendors. Given the multitude of security breaches and misuse of PII that have been in the news recently, this legislation could hardly be more timely. Now's a good time to be paying attention! 👀 To help, we've compiled this list of GDPR compliance statements from over 1,100 (and counting!) SaaS vendors, as well as whether they have self-certified for EU-U.S. Privacy Shield and offer a DPA. This information, along with other data on security compliance, we're also pulling into our software vendor management platform Siftery Track. Product Hunters can get started for free using this link.
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@ggiaco Really handy curation - thank you for compiling this
@krishnade Thanks! We've added all the GDPR statements we could find so far, but please let us know if we've missed any! You can submit one through the page itself. We're also going into the weeds and checking for additional items beyond a GDPR statement alone (such as whether they have EU-U.S. Privacy Shield or offer a DPA). Thoughts on what other (privacy related) info you'd prioritize including?
@ggiaco Yes the ability to view the Privacy Shield and DPA at a glance is helpful really helpful. A couple of features you might want to consider adding are: - the categorisation of the services - the ability to favourite the service in case they are in research mode And there are some good categories on that other service you commented on below this comment - posted by GDW that could perhaps be included.
@ggiaco BTW if people submit a service I am guessing your team goes through to validate it so that your curation remains valid You might also want to add a date when each service was checked - there are so many SAAS organisations who still working on compliance I am sure some will not be compliant by the 25 May but may be in a month or beyond!
@krishnade Thanks! That's helpful. Heads up - the vendor names and logos in the public GDPR Checker are clickable and will take you to one of our pages with more data about the vendor/product, e.g.: We're working on making this more obvious through a hover state! And that's right! Everything is going through a human check 🤸before being included. Our goal is for this to be - by far- the most exhaustive resource of its kind.
This is super helpful :)
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@divakarpranav Thanks! Glad you're finding it useful.
Very Interesting! Thanks guys! :)
Nice, it looks a lot like the Torii released a month ago. Directories like this are very much needed to create more transparency about data handling practices & GDPR readiness. We're working on something similar at
@gertjanwilde Cool, maybe we should talk! What's your motivation for putting this together?