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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
YMMV of course but how do CPM/CPC/CPA's compared to going through Instagram's ad network, @stacho and @quinton_pike? In theory (at least in the long term), Instagram itself should be the most effective channel for advertising on its platform as it has access to all of its data for targeting and optimization purposes.
Quinton Reese Pike
ATL - Dev
@stacho @rrhoover We've actually found the engagement for promos to be very high with ads done via promotion on a relevant page. It varies per account of course (as well as the promo content) and we are working on getting account statistics in terms of likes/comments vs follower count etc. Instagram can definitely target your audience accurately, however a relevant IG page to your product is also highly targeted. And since the IG user is getting paid the actual cost is substantially lower ( on average ~$40/100k followers ). Promoter and Advertiser both win.
Simeon Kim Duke
Product/Service Designer
@stacho @quinton_pike @rrhoover I do have one question. I have not used Instagram for the longest time, and if I were to purchase a promo for one of these insta profiles, how would I see that data once they promote my ad? I'm sure there are some analytics somewhere I could find but I'm not sure how that works or where to view that data. And lastly, I would like to make a suggestion for when browsing profiles if we could also have a search function based on username, hashtag, etc. . I'm not sure if I saw that function. Thanks again Ryan!
Jahlil WhiteProducts are my life
@stacho @quinton_pike @rrhoover @simeonduke So you guys completely lie about who uses the platform...."Companies like these advertise on Gathir" Netflix, Starbucks, Amazon, Uber, Airbnb. Second - the quality of influencers are basically meme influencers.