Gathering App

Group trips from idea to payment in one app.

Gathering streamlines the process of group trips or outings. Users create Gatherings, vote on dates, invite their friends, keep track of expenses, and get paid back easily.

Gathering allows participants to vote on a dates, organizers to list expenses and then get paid back using PayPal, Venmo, Facebook Messenger or good old fashioned cash.

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Hey PH! Last winter I tried to organize a ski trip to Vermont with my three brothers. This turned into quite a headache trying to figure out a date that worked for everyone and keeping track of money is always a pain. As I rode to Vermont last winter with my ONE brother (instead of all three), I had the idea for Gathering. I've been a coder for a long time. I built my first website when I was fourteen while part of an online community called E/N. This is the first time that I believe in an idea so much that I decided to take a risk and actually build the product. So when I came home from that ski trip I immediately starting writing code. Gathering is an ever evolving product. We just released an update that includes over 6,000 places and ideas for your next event. I'd love to hear any suggestions or feedback that you might have. I built this app out of frustration while trying to organize a trip and I hope this is helpful to you too!