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Marin Yordanov
Co-owner Garagua App
Hello Friends, I'm Marin Yordanov and I'm writing to You as part of the Garagua App team. First I would like to say it's amazing to be presented here at Product Hunt, in front of all of You! Thanks for Your attention and all the upvotes. We would love if You took a closer look at this app, and get back to us with Your opinion, impressions and feedback. If I have to summarize why You should try Garagua in one sentence, I would say: "Give this concept a try - this app is not limited to the pixels within your screen - quite the opposite - it interacts with your home, friends and family, your dreams, your world and the idea is to use your device merely as a conductor between you and everything around you while playing Garagua in Your own unique way." Again, we would love to hear from You!
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