Like Venmo only way better!

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@ted_gives · Co-Founder & President - SimplyTapp, Inc
The meaning of cash is changing. Gane believes that cash in the digital format is going to be more fluid than today. I am waiting for someone to ask a question about why Gane is better than Venmo! Who is going ask the question? Please ask the question!
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Seth Louey
@sethlouey · 🙌 2016 PH Maker of the Year Nominee
Thanks so much for the hunt @mubashariqbal! Today, SimplyTapp is launching its consumer-facing payment, money transfer and shopping app, Gane, in the US. The fully digitized mobile app offers its customers the ability to redeem merchant based incentives and coupons at the same time as payment through the use of both Apple Pay and Android. This makes Gane a… See more
Ariel Assaraf
@arielassaraf · Co-founder & CPO - Coralogix
Looks awesome !
Alan Garrec
@alangarrec · CoworkerCoffee.com, Montréal
First heard about Gain on @francovarriano & @tylercopeland podcast with @sethlouey A super interesting journey, definitely worth a listen: http://www.producthunt.com/posts...
@ted_gives · Co-Founder & President - SimplyTapp, Inc
The product has been great to build, and everyone on the team has helped to make this a great product that the will only get better with each adjustment, enhancement, and review. User feedback has been great so please share with us in whatever way is easiest. @ganeapp, FB, email or snap:GanePay "way better than Venmo" oh and if it is really great feedback yo… See more
Brooke Rigby
@brookerigby16 · Marketing Assistant, SimplyTapp
Proud to be a part of this product! You had me at 'chatbot'