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#5 Product of the DayAugust 04, 2019
Gaming frog is an esports platform that allows video gamers to play their favorite games for cash and prizes. We are redefining the online video gaming experience, providing gamers a safe and legal place to engage in competitive matches for real cash.
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Congratulations on the launch. Just signed up and looking forward to my first game this evening!
@dudley_jay_laver thank you Dudley! Good luck on your game
@dudley_jay_laver thank you man, get that win!
Hello fellas my name is Kali Sam I think this website is outstanding I feel proud to be part of it and has potential to attract many players
@kalisam thank you man, we are very happy to see you there day after day helping us groe the community
Hey there! I'm thrilled to introduce what we've been building for a bit more than a year now to the PH community and to the world. Gaming Frog is an esports platform that allows video gamers to play their favorite video games for cash and prizes. For our launch we are only supporting FIFA 19 but more games will be added based on request. This is a platform built by gamers for gamers. It also serves as an entry point for casual/amateur gamers to esports, to get a real taste of what is like to play for more than in game rewards and get discovered by professional organizations. How this works is very simple you can challenge players directly on our platform or join open matches, play game at your console (Xbox One or PS4) and report back your result on the platform, winner takes all winnings and we get a small commission (10%). Give it a try and tell us what you think! 🙏 Last but not least, a very special thanks to the first 200 users of our private beta.🤘 Thanks!! 👋
Hi, I am one of the founders at Gaming Frog and we couldn't be any happier and excited to share our passion with the community. My best friend and partner (Juan) built this platform on a necessity we always had. We met playing video games and we were always competing between friends to see who was the best. We used to get together once a month and play tournaments between friends of around 10 of us. So we said to our selves "why not build a platform where these can be expand globally, not only between friends?" We did our research and realized the potential this had within the gaming and esports industry. So here we are sharing our product with you. We hope you guys enjoy it and give us your honest feedback. I'd like to thank you guys in advanced🐸🐸🐸
Can't wait for some FIFA action using GamingFrog. Its money making szn!