Gamified Apps List

A collection of apps and services using gamification.

Browse a stack of gamified (“applied game design”) apps and services on web, desktop and mobile. Sorted by category and filtered by platform.

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Hello PH, 🐣 A little back story: I’m currently developing my first major game, but it being summer and all I decided take a little break (who am I kidding — I needed it!), and launch a simple side-project, that has been on my mind for some time. 🎉 “Look ma! I made a thing!” This is the “Gamified Apps List” — your one-stop place to everything gamified. I’m a big fan of applied game design, and seeing how many people build awesome useful stuff around it, I’ve taken it upon myself to gather them all under a single roof. So here we are… - A thing of notice: I purposely excluded a lot of apps and services that had bad rankings, or which seemed like they had been abandoned completely. - Have a suggestion? Please, I encourage you to share with me (and all of us) that awesome app you’re thinking about right now, and I’ll do the rest. This is my first time being here, so naturally I’ll be happy to get feedback and I’m open to answer any question. Cheers and Thank you! 🙌
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Roman is building a fantastic resource. The Gamified Apps List is a great place to get inspired on applied game design and find excellent uses of it.


Fantastic stack of all kind of gamified apps for inspiration.


Just starting, can be more resources and categories.

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Hi Roman, kudos for curating the list. Right on time., a cloud based (SaaS) product for team leaders to create a shared to-do list based on agile points and push work forward using gamification. I think, my product aligns with the vision of yours. Will be nice to see us on the list too.
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@deepakkumar268 Right on! Your service definitely suits the listing. I've already added it to the site. Kudos for reaching out!