Game of Coins

Virtual cryptocurrency trading


Game of Coins is a virtual portfolio that allows you to invest in Cryptocurrency without any of the risk. Virtually manage your fantasy portfolio and track your success on the leaderboard.

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Marcelo Risoli
Pramod R Hegde
Hrant Arzumanyan
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  • Marcelo Risoli
    Marcelo RisoliWeb app developer

    - Gives someone with limited knowledge of cryptocurrencies(like me) a good insight on the market volatility


    - Lack of information on net gain/loss from each coin, after a few orders I couldn't remember which coins I had an upside from

    I like this stuff, it is good to have an insight into how the prices are going up and down(not unusual to see some 5% swings in a couple of minutes).

    But after I make a diverse wallet of some 5+ coins I don't remember what was the price on each purchase order and which ones I could be making a profit from

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  • superwoot
    superwootim a yter



    the fact that i have no idea what im doing

    pretty cool

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