Game Face AR

🤳📹 Halloween Experience

Face-shion. It's here!

Game Face AR is the ultimate selfie app. Packed with breakthrough AR camera.

Content Packs

- Halloween (October)

- Football (July)

It is so much fun to paint your face without the mess and smell of real paint. Get creative!


- Paint your face with masks and paints

- Capture and share selfies, videos

🥅 Any soccer fans here? This is FIFA World Cup week and we are happy to launch Game Face AR! Here are some promo codes for all the soccer fans of the Product Hunt community. N44RWKAP4RTH YW3ANE34RYHN LMJNLNNH9YPH X9J6KY6NTHPJ NFMHLXAMAN4J R74EJR9T6WAY KAXP9NJAXYJM PA9PJNMREH3K KE3NMFTJPHHR 3LPYMLNWWLKJ
Now if only the AR face paint translated IRL
@rrhoover Hola Ryan! Which country flag are you wearing this World Cup?
Game Face AR has been featured by Apple on the App Store in the "AR Apps We Love" category! Thanks to the product hunt community for making this possible. 🙏 PEM9NNA7LXHP PRTH99J9LHHP RKRH7X4FNAXM FLNA73374ARW L976P4H6R7KK 3FEJMPJNK3NY LNMTPKJXY4KY YE3M9KEHTNRT LHXXTFA4FRNX 7KL3HPTTTW94
Our new halloween experience is out. And we are already featured by Apple in "Spine-Chilling Selfies"!