Game About Squares

Sorry in advance for the lost productivity…

#2 Product of the DayJuly 27, 2014
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The onboarding process through the first 5 levels is really nice.
@troblous Agree, this is perfect for first steps in a new product as well!
@troblous Agree. Game designers are sooooooo good at this.
lvl 12 can go to hell EDIT *lvl 19*
@ShaanVP LOL, I took at break at lvl 18
@alwaysunday @ShaanVP and I wanted to sleep at some point tonight.
You're not sorry, @SachaGreif. ;) This is very TwoDots-like. cc @SteveSadin
Super simple, super fun. Kind of reminds of the Rush Hour puzzle game we used to play in school.
A very nice and simple game! Hats off to the creator of the game.