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My name is Yurii, I’m the co-founder of the 3D Printing Marketplace Gambody. Gambody team made amazing high detailed scale model for 3d printing, and released few days ago. Gambody’s engineers and designers have modeled a detailed spaceship 1:34 scale model based on Star Wars Wiki sketches and materials. The printed spaceship model is wide, 1000m deep and 244.46mm tall with accurate design of exterior hulls and interior layout, consisting of secret compartments, cockpit, engine departments, wiring and ventilation systems. Also, additional modifications to the mechanical chassis and boarding ramp are in progress. We divided the spaceship into several parts so that they could fit onto small heated bed of home 3D printers. The model’s top and bottom hulls consist of 176 parts; additional external elements make up another 60 parts. We broke the spaceship down into several kits on purpose, to please all requirements. Let’s assume that someone will want to 3D print only the model’s hull and hang it on the wall. Therefore, there’s no sense in this person to print all internal layout components. Also, it is likely that someone will want to use the spaceship’s hull as a PC body frame. We provide detailed video assembly instructions for all our models The 3D designers spent 800 hours to model it, not including the time for testing the spacecraft’s separate elements. To print this entire construction you will need at least 3 printing filament spools and about 2-3 months of intensive printing, depending on the type and quality of your 3D printer. Another month will be spent to assemble the spacecraft :) but look at this as having fun for an entire month. We test print our models at 0.01mm layer height and recommend our audience to do the same as the result is outstanding. We are looking forward for comments and questions and always open for a discussion. Best regards, Yurii and Gambody team
Millennium Falcon STL files for sale | Standard Kit The 3D printed Millennium Falcon standard kit, consists of the top and bottom hulls only, and is 717.5mm wide, 1000mm deep and 244.46mm tall or 28.228in wide, 39.370in deep and 9.606in tall. The hull of the model, without the additional interior and exterior elements, is made up of 176 parts that are available for download in .STL file format, supported by SLA/SLS or FFF 3D printers. Note: Millennium Falcon 3D model is designed in such a way as to save 3D printer filament when being printed. Buy Millennium Falcon Printable Standard Kit now! Watch step-by-step video of the assembly procedure on our official Gambody YouTube channel. Coming soon (07 - 11 March 2016). Millennium Falcon top and bottom hull elements and interior layout for 3D printing, with all of its detailed structure such as: starboard ring corridor, boarding ramp, cockpit access tunnel and the cockpit itself, secret compartments, the forward hold, will be available for download in .STL files in separate kits. - See more at: