Galley is a news and communication app for people in media

From the app store: Galley is a news and communication app for people in, around or obsessed with the media industry. Everything from insider gossip, odds making, revolving door, futurism, tech, ethics, what’s good and what’s bad... you'll find. Talk about it, all in one place. What the newsletters of the future will (or can) be.

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So this app is basically like if you made a whole sep app just for media Twitter. It's kind of nice to have convos separated by topic, but I fee like as a Twitter user you sort of miss just being able to jump into a big feed. I like the concept of smaller group chats though. Idk hopefully this app doesn't get overrun by spammy PR people.
@taylorlorenz it looks like the company is trying to make a platform for various career professionals to talk to one another. Their other app is for people in the cocktail business. Really hard to see how this grows an audience or engagement though. Are folks in these industries not wanting to use conventional social media apps? Is there anything about this app that specifically serves these audiences?

I've only been using it for a day but it's cool


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