Google Analytics stats on iPhone & Mac

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I've been using GAget Mac widget for a few years now. It's useful for getting a quick overview of what's going on across projects. (@rrhoover, no real-time stats ) iPhone app has been released not long ago, and looks pretty sleek.
Couldn't agree more - this is my go-to app on the iPhone for Google Analytic stats
I've used this ever since it was only available as a Mac OS X Dashboard Widget... I love it.
I pay for analytics mainly because of their iPhone app. I look forward to trying this out.
Thanks for sharing, @nikitakorotaev. If anyone knows of a Mac toolbar or Chrome extension that reports real-time Google Analytics information, please let me know. I'm on the hunt for one. :)
@rrhoover are you still on the hunt? The new version of GAget has a Real-Time widget! Will be submitting it soon to PH ;)