GAFAnomics Season 2

4 superpowers to outperform in the new economy

Hi Hunters ! It’s a pleasure to share our new study for the first time on Product Hunt, a service and community we admire. You overheard this quote... William Gibson said « The future is already here. It is just not evenly distributed ». But I never found better mantra. 12 years ago, I created FABERNOVEL, hoping to distribute this same future. In these years, our lives have changed more than I could have imagined. Led by forward thinkers, Google (or should I say Alphabet), Apple, Facebook and Amazon have invaded, simplified and reinvented our experience of both the digital and the physical worlds. Fascinated by their models and their philosophies, our growing team of engineers, analysts and designers has studied one of these platforms every year since 2006, totalizing more than 10M views on Slideshare (seems like, a lot of people were indeed interested). Last year in GAFAnomics season 1, we connected the dots to define the rules of this new economy drawn by the GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple). This year, for the second season, we’ve been digging deeper to unveil the growth engine of GAFAnomics companies: the GAFA, but also Unicorns, Chinese tech giants and all other companies ready to change our lives through technology. We discovered GAFAnomics companies all exhibit 4 superpowers drawn from their unique network structures: they’re magnetic, real-time, intimate and infinite. Please tell us you hated it, Please tell us you loved it, Please spread the word, and help us... distribute the future. @fano Stephane Distinguin Founder & CEO, FABERNOVEL
@fano @guivekev @louismoullard @snokry - hey all - can you give us some background around this :)
Congrats to our team on this! I think the report is really on-point, especially in the analysis of how Network Economy superstars (Netflix, Airbnb, Uber) leverage four 'super powers': - Magnetic Enterprise: the company exploits and monetizes micro points of value;  - Intimate Enterprise: the company knows its clients and engages with them in such a way so as to give the impression they are conversing with a friend and not a retailer; - Real time Enterprise: the business adapts its products, its offer, its past experience, and future projects in real time; - Infinite Enterprise: the company reaches a critical size through client acquisition at minimal cost.
Did we mention it's free to read, reuse, and share ?! #CreativeCommons
Very proud of this new Season of GAFAnomics. The last part of the study also has useful tools to help Corporates leverage this Network Economy