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Gabi monitors car and home insurance rates from all carriers and provides unbiased advice on the optimal coverage. Our tool saves customers $720 on average. We never spam, cold-call, and it's 100% free!

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Yet another garbage dark pattern basically pre-launch site that doesn't tell you up front what geography they actually service. Texans - doesn't work here.
@shloky Some registration fields set as required are definitely not necessary to compare insurances. I'm out.
@shloky @brendonwbrown I'm curious, which ones?
@shloky @brendonwbrown Just talked to the founder. He's not able to comment here as producthunt hasn't added him yet, but here's his response; "You have to register with first name, last name, ZIP code, DoB, email and phone number. DoB is needed for rating purposes as well as the ZIP code. First name and last name are used for properly saying "Hello first name!" and for finding you in our database. Lastly email and phone number are used to create an account. Gabi will never spam you or sell email or phone data."
@shloky @brendonwbrown @datarade This doesn't address the fact that no geography info is provided upfront.
@shloky @brendonwbrown I've written auto insurance policies, they need this data to provide a (somewhat) accurate quote. Happy to explain why if you're curious.
Every one of these tools I've tried is essentially just a way for a bunch of insurance companies to get my contact information to solicit to me. Does this actually show me any prices, or is it just a way for a ton of salespeople to reach out to me with offers?
@jordankrueger It shows you alternative plans.
@jordankrueger You are right and this is why Gabi was founded and this is a great product. It shows the largest amount of proper quotes (20+). There is no spam and they don't sell your details. You can buy your policy with them online via chat with one of their employees.
@jordankrueger People from Germany have a much different culture of privacy than in the USA, so I guess that got brought over from there....
@jordankrueger Unit economics are challenging in this space because generating leads online is hyper competitive and costly...You have to compete with huge insurance lead gen co's like QuinStreet, EverQuote, and hundreds more...As well as Fortune 500 insurance carriers with big budgets.
@jordankrueger I agree with you. Let's not forget that all the personal information that you use on the internet is not so "personal" as you think. By registering in apps like this, your information will be sent to some insurance companies that are not even trustworthy. Remember that a good company will not steal your information, they don't need this to attract new customers, their reputation is enough. The best deals are done when the two parts are sitting at the same table. That's what I did after finding some insurance companies on https://homeownersinsurancecover.... I visited each of them until I got the best offer.
What states does it work in?
@tom_pryor I know for a fact that it currently works in California but is expanding.
@tom_pryor What state are you in?
I first met Hanno and his team in SF, but they've essentially brought a German technology concept to the US market, which is highly accurate insurance...
@datarade What is "highly accurate insurance?"
@rrhoover ... could use an "InsurTech" topic here
@rrhoover @kj_prince maybe just a fintech would be good. insuretech usually falls under it.