Never alt-tab again with a voice-enabled gaming sidekick

Meet GA — your new sidekick. It knows pretty much everything about your favorite games, from combos to crafting recipes. When you need a hand, just ask! Works in Stardew Valley — join our Discord server or ask for Midgame on Alexa. Minecraft coming soon.
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Hey Product Hunters! 👋 I’m Jason Shen, long-time Maker and co-founder, with @waynegrrard of Midgame, a gaming technology company. Modern games have grown immensely complex over the past few decades and players have to spend a ton of time on wiki’s, forum’s, and YouTube just to keep up. We built GA to help gamers spend more time playing and less time alt-tabbing to look something up. GA gives gamers superpowers by allowing them to access relevant information with just their voice. GA is now in public beta for the indie game Stardew Valley, with additional games like Minecraft on the way. It knows the answer to tons of questions like: 🎁 What are Shane’s favorite gifts? 🍕 How do I make pizza? 👩‍🦰 Where is Haley on Tuesdays in the Fall at 3pm? ⚒ When is the blacksmith open? 🥔 How much do potatoes sell for? 🐟 Where can I catch Tuna? 💎 Who likes diamonds? The best way to use GA is through Discord. Join our server ( and jump into a voice channel and GA is instantly online and ready to help. You can also access it on Alexa (our skill is “Midgame”) or Google Assistant (our action is “Midgame GA”). Tell us about games you’d like us support and how you’d like GA to help!
Wow! I've definitely spent hours googling around Minecraft wiki to find the right crafting table combination/build factories - this would have been helpful. Right now I'm playing Breath of the Wild on my switch, do you plan to support that? GA would have been useful as a secondary "Shrine sensor" and possibly for fighting tips 🤔
@zelena Hey Elena! Great questions - Minecraft is next on our roadmap because we know there's a ton of items, resources, and techniques that players often need to look up. We loved BotW too, you can be sure we'll be ready for the sequel which hopefully isn't too far off!
This looks awesome! I'd definitely use it if it gets support for games like Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey to find all the secret items that are hard to find.
@kiran_kv Thanks Kiran! Nothing more frustrating than hunting for those final few Korok seeds and Power Moons
This is awesome, my mind is racing imagining all the games it could help me with. how about the items in TFT so i know what to get at carousel 😛
@jacob_chan1 With 50 items across S, A, and B tiers, it's a lot to keep track of!
This would have been useful when I played halo 3 competitively, we would have to set timers in our head for when rockets, invisibility, and the overshield would come up and often times we would forget, especially when the game is close when it's most needed. Reminds me of how I use siri for cooking! Cool product