G2A Goldmine is an innovative profit generator. It is fully integrated with G2A.COM, one of the leading games and software selling platforms. The money you are to earn is based on purchases made in the G2A shop using your ‘Reflinks’ or discount coupons.

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Co-Founder at Wild Gamut
Never seen a digital pyramid scheme before. I guess if you boil it down, every referral program with on-going bonuses is technically a pyramid scheme. Huh.
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James IvingsCo-founder, ReleasePage
"G2A Goldmine is an innovative profit generator." ...hmmm? Suspicious wording. "Each person who makes a purchase thanks to your recommendation will be permanently added to your Team. Thanks to that, every order made by that person in the future, will bring you profit." Ah right, a multi layer marketing scheme. Move along. There are many reasons not to get involved in MLM, but also G2A have also been under a lot of fire for other shady business practices; selling stolen game keys, turning a blind eye to criminal activity on their site, not caring for indie game devs, etc.
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Sabrina Kipperweb, designer
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