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Get access to the documents you need, right when you need them, in a new tab. Connect FYI with G Suite, Slack, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, and more to search across the apps you use.

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Hi Product Hunt 👋 I’m Hiten. I’m so excited to share my new business FYI with you and start the journey to building a product that millions of people love. Our goal is to solve your biggest problem with documents: Finding them. FYI accomplishes that for you by letting you search and organize all your documents in one place. You’ll find your documents faster than any other way. It’ll save you time and even reduce your anxiety. You’ll always know where to go to find the document you need, right when you need it. With today’s launch, we’re ready to spread FYI to more and more people. We’re eager to learn how to solve this problem in the best way possible. To be able to do that, we need your opinion. Please take a look at FYI and tell us what you think, including your most critical feedback. Are you getting what we promise you with FYI? You can use our in-app Drift chat, @usefyi on Twitter or email me at or @hnshah on Twitter. We’re going to be iterating like crazy to make FYI better for you, every day. Want to know how we approached building FYI? Make sure to read the comment below from my co-founder @marie_prokopets
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@usefyi @hnshah @marie_prokopets All I can say is, if you folks are ever looking to raise funding from low-maintenance, low-value angel investors, I call first dibs, since we go *way* back. Congrats on the launch. Cheers.
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@usefyi @marie_prokopets @dharmesh Always appreciate your support =)
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😻What’s up Product Hunt! Hiten and I have an embarrassing secret… We failed at two products in the document space before we built FYI. That’s why we took such a deep research-first approach to FYI. It took us tons of trial and error to find the problem FYI solves and build a product to solve it. We went H.A.M. on research. Here’s exactly how we did research on the core areas of FYI to get to where we are today: - For the homepage we ran tens of user tests on the copy to make sure we hit on the right value proposition and built features people cared about. - In our customer interviews and surveys, we learned that people need quick access to their documents. A Chrome extension that opens in a new tab was the best way to give them that. - We user tested the best onboarding experiences out there to learn how to build ours. Then we did even more user testing 👁️on our onboarding . - We learned that speed of finding documents is key, so we made sure the user experience was fast ⚡. People had to find the documents they needed, right when they needed them. - For pricing, we partnered with Price Intelligently to conduct surveys and learn what features to build, how much to charge 💸 and how to create our pricing page. - In interviews and user tests, we learned how important security is to people. So we build FYI in a way that addressed concerns and we created a security page to explain what we do. - We used Product Hunt Ship to find people to use FYI, get feedback 💖and iterate FYI, share information about FYI, and conduct surveys. If you have questions about how we did research to build and iterate FYI, ask away! We ❤️ sharing how we build product, learn and iterate.
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@marie_prokopets Hi Marie, thanks for the sharing of your research process. I’m curious, what do you know now you wish you know earlier before you start your customer research process? Also, what’s the most time consuming process in the research and how you accelerate that process? Thanks in advance Marie!
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@iqbal_rafi Good questions! I wish we had realized how important this level of deep research was. We would have learned about the problem FYI solves much earlier and we wouldn't have had to fail at a few products to get here today :) The most time consuming process is interviews - either doing customer development calls or transcribing and analyzing user test interviews. I haven't figured out a way to make it faster - but it pays back one hundred fold so it's totally worth it!
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@iqbal_rafi @marie_prokopets Hey Marie, this research process would make a very nice blog article :). I'd be super interested to read more about it!
I have been a beta tester for a long time and I am a very happy customer. At the base level it is solving a complex problem. Is it perfect? No, but for a beta product it is as complete as you expect an early stage product can be. I have a lot of feature requests, but no complaints.
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@om Thanks Om! We are ready for your feature requests 😺
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I've been using this product for a while. If you are an individual that deals w/ a lot of product documents, designs, decks etc. There is no better product than this to use. I'm excited to watch this product evolve because it's a big need in the industry as more and more objects and documents get bifurcated across multiple organizations and accounts. In the new economy, in addition to accounts, you may also have multiple jobs and that becomes even more necessary to stay on top of your workflows. Great timing for a much needed product solving some hard problems.


Perfect for keeping up to date w/ your core and personal workflow. It is the best product out there today.


I love the timeline perspective. But if small changes are made... sometimes that could be a drag.

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This is awesome @hnshah and @marie_prokopets ! A few friends and I built Pouch for a class project, attacking the all-too-common problem of "finding the right file." I really like what you have built, and think it does a much better job over that same problem-area our group was excited about. This is a product that must exist! Nice job! :)
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@marie_prokopets @jrdngonen Awesome! It's a big problem for sure! Here's the story of how we got to the problem and idea for FYI:
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