Future Self

Meet and talk with yourself from 20 years in the future

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This is frightening. I hope I don't look like this: Also relevant, posted by @erikfinman earlier today: You're Getting Old!
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@rrhoover @erikfinman Horrifying. I'd do it but man those animations are so slow and then it asked me to upload a file rather than use my camera. Just get to the fucking monkey.
@rrhoover @erikfinman Is this render from your current user profile photo? The smile makes me think so. Usually as we age, our face starts to listen to gravity - Ryan you definitely will be reversing the trend :D
@rrhoover product hunt should have a morbid board or something!
@rrhoover this completely botched my face. Why did Orange think this was a good idea?
@chrismessina I'm sorry to say that it's 100% accurate because science. It's going to be a rough 20 years. j/k ;)
I can't wait to look like this!
@lachlanjc it was pretty good
Asked him (me) if I was in love. "Darling, come over here... look who we have..." #wowza
Would be awesome to get one and have it made into a Halloween mask.