Futuramo Visual Tickets is a bug tracking app with a powerful annotation tool to speed up work on any project.

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Hi Product Hunters, Zocha from the Futuramo team here. Together with @mikdunikowski, we are the founders of Futuramo and the makers behind Visual Tickets. A huge THANK YOU goes to @erictwillis for introducing us to the Product Hunt community! A big hug from the whole team! Visual Tickets is an app that will serve the whole community of “makers” – teams of designers, developers, engineers, marketers and strategists. Our bug reporting and request exchange system allows teams to bring their products to perfection much faster than in a traditional way. @mikdunikowski and I are in the Web business for quite a while. Since 1997, we’ve been successfully running a UX/UI business, doing some pretty exciting projects for top European clients. We’ve gained a hands on experience on project management, UI/UX design and web development. Working on projects for the last 20 years, we saw a problem that needed to be solved. There wasn’t a tool that bridges the heavily teccy IT and design world with other professionals – clients, marketers, sales specialists, copywriters, product photographers who wanted to be more involved in the creation process, but felt left out due to unnecessarily complex collaboration software. That’s why Visual Tickets turns the bug reporting and request exchange process upside down, creating a visual-first approach. By uploading screenshots and putting visual annotations, users can easily exchange tickets with a super-clear and easy to read message. This speeds up the process, involves whole teams (also less tech-savvy people) and is quite fun to use too. We'd be happy to learn about your experience with our product. Do you use annotated messages in your work? What would you add to Visual Tickets? Is there any special feature you would like to see next? Cheers, Zocha
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@erictwillis @zofiadunikowska Hi Hunters, this product was built especially with you in mind! We’d love to get your feedback, so together we can make Futuramo Visual Tickets a tool that helps you in the process of creating top products (and launch them here on PH of course :-) )! PH Special Today, we’re giving away an unlimited number of licenses for Visual Tickets. It means that your entire team, regardless of the size, will be able to use Futuramo Visual Tickets for free for 6 months. We'll extend it up to 1 year for good feedback from active teams. After that time, Product Hunt users will receive 40-50% off regular pricing. Please ask for a promo code via the comments and we’ll get back to you! We would love to get some feedback from you! We’re here to answer any questions you might have. Cheers, Mik
Im pleasantly surprised by this app. Its well designed and does offer some very useful features that can be used to iterate quickly and head into new and better directions within design projects. I do wonder what some key differentiators are when comparing to Invision. I've been using their solution for simple giving and providing feedback based on static visuals. What would be your biggest selling point in having me switch? Lovely product though. Best of luck with the launch!
First of all, thanks for the kind words about the product @fouad_tolaib ! Futuramo Visual Tickets is a great companion throughout the whole design and development process and even beyond, during regular support and project extensions or updates. We never thought the product to be in competition with Invision, because Futuramo Visual Tickets covers many other scenarios, while Invision is rather concentrated on the design side of things solely. So the products could be perfectly used together and complement each other. Let’s say you might use Invision’s clickable mockups to showcase the design, but once this is done, you might rather use Futuramo Visual Tickets’ powerful workflows to assign tickets or issues like design and development corrections, new feature requests or change requests to specific members on your team. You can attach screenshots, but also other documents, so the team has complete material at hand. Right from the start you are in full control of the status of your tickets and are able to check their progress. Also, you can e.g. declare, if a ticket is of low, normal, high or of the “showstopper” kind, which needs to be addressed immediately, while others can be addressed in a more relaxed manner. If you wish, you can use more options depending on the needs of your team’s agreed workflow (like due dates or time estimations). You can follow and participate in discussions between team members right in the context of the specific ticket, which keeps knowledge sharing on topic and concise. On every stage, you will be informed on the progress updates and will also see them in the Activity Panel. Futuramo Visual Tickets lets you deal with many projects and many clients, with teams that are small or big. It is not uncommon for large projects to have several thousands of tickets – these will be handled by Futuramo Visual Tickets with ease. At hand, you have powerful real-time filtering options, that are just a click or tap away. If you deal with large amounts of projects, these functions can be real live savers. We introduced our own UX language idea to make the ticketing process as pleasant as possible. It might get even a bit addictive, because it’s so easy to create a ticket – which of course serves the projects. The philosophy of Futuramo is to allow people to mix and match applications to build their perfect workplace. When you start with Futuramo, you will get system level apps for free (Projects and Contacts) and can also combine your Futuramo setup with other apps like e.g. Futuramo Time Tracker, if you need a time management solution for your projects. All apps provide the same user experience so you learn one app and you know how to use the others as well. This reduces the learning curve to minutes. Futuramo Visual Tickets speeds up the product design and development cycle drastically and engages whole teams in this process.
Thanks for sharing the app, Guys! Looking good :)
@aneta_duszynska Thanks for the thumbs up! :-)
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