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#4 Product of the DayDecember 18, 2017

Futuramo Tasks is a simple and flexible task manager for teams. Speed up team collaboration by dividing work into tasks, assigning them to colleagues, adding checklists and task attributes. Use smart search and filters panel to organize work. Monitor work progress with advanced statistics.

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Zofia Dunikowska
Zofia DunikowskaMaker@zofiadunikowska · Co-Founder @ ownetic.com
Product Hunters! We’ve just come out of beta so you’re the first to check the latest addition to the Futuramo apps family — Futuramo Tasks. Any suggestions, comments or feedback from your side will be more than welcome :-) The purpose of the app is to empower project teams. While in beta, we’ve improved the main task view and added an important feature called stages (you can assign customizable stages to tasks and then monitor the overall Project Progress). So far, we’ve gathered pretty impressive feedback from the Product Hunt community! We really appreciate your input, without you, it would be harder to move forward. BIG THANKS from the entire Futuramo team! PS. Need licenses? Just ask in the comments!
Itai Neter
Itai Neter@itai_neter · Product Manager
@zofiadunikowska I scoured your website and couldn't find the data I'm looking for, are there any integrations? Either via zapier or webhooks? The devs are working on TFS and it's making my eyes bleed.
Jason Crabtree
Jason Crabtree@jason_crabtree_ · Designer
I love the design! So clean. Reminds me of Stripe (which is a great place to be!). What separates Futuramo Tasks from other task apps?
DonTokiRoma@maciektokarz · New Business Manager @ Futuramo
@jason_crabtree_ The best thing about Futuramo Tasks is that it's in a cloud platform which gives you more possibilities straight away. It has all the features a good tasks managing system should have, but in the same place you get a great visual ticketing app and a time tracker. All that works with the same project management tool and together they create a great solution for digital teams.
Rodrigo Hillion
Rodrigo Hillion@rohillion · Web Developer
@jason_crabtree_ yep same question here
Product Pearson
Product Pearson@productpearson · Product Manager @ Property4Media
This looks really cool.
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Law Student|Tech Evangelist
Great job !! Will surely it out any integrations you come up with ??
🤔@_selcukahmet · Co-Founder (Also founder) of Nothing
Interesting facts #44 Did you know? 900B to-do app exist in all of the world. (Except self-hunted ones)
Magda Werminska
Magda Werminska@magdawerminska · Working @ HCM Deck
@_selcukahmet There's a massive number of to-do apps, won't argue with that. However, Futuramo Tasks is a task management system that works best for teams; it has team-oriented features and options to try out which other to-do apps don't normally offer. In addition, it works seamlessly with other Futuramo native apps such as Futuramo Time Tracker and Futuramo Visual Tickets. It also compliments the Projects app which lets you manage your team projects across all the apps. This mixture of apps is a full package for any growing or bigger digital team. Just to let you know, all the Futuramo apps are free for teams up to 3 people. Don't hesitate to take them for a spin without any extra costs :-)
🤔@_selcukahmet · Co-Founder (Also founder) of Nothing
@magdawerminska Honestly; you're good marketer. Really good one.Thanks for reply.