Fusion Lens

Clip on the lens and turn your iPhone into a 6K 360 camera

With the Fusion Lens you can shoot 360 degree videos with your iPhone camera.

Pretty nice. Right now this is a selfie capture, take a picture and put it away. What really would be awesome is video. Who ever comes up with 360 video that is stabilized and reframed later like the RYLO camera, but from a smartphone wins. Ready, set, launch!
@androidlove Thanks for your lovely comment! We now offer 4K Timelapse video. For general video, this mode is coming early next year. Just update the app and you will get the latest feature!
Hello Product Hunters! Available today at Indiegogo, Fusion Lens is the first battery-free snap-on lens for iPhone that enables you to shoot 360 with 6K image quality. It is a breakthrough in 360 photography which the price is drastically reduced comparing to existing 360 devices on the market. Feature highlight: Grab and go: No battery-charging hassle, lightweight design. Snap on and shoot: No connection hassle in searching for wifi or Bluetooth. High image quality: 6K resolution from dual HD camera of your iPhone. We're a TechCrunch Battlefield team: We are team specialising in 360 image processing. Before Fusion Lens, we've launched Spincle app - a camera app to capture 360 mini video. We entered TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield SF in 2016 as the top finalist worldwide. We’d love to hear feedback and answer any questions that you have. Thanks for checking it out. Cheers, Nicole, Co-founder of Fusion Lens Get Fusion Lens here: http://bit.ly/2yDWa5K
Mine arrived last week. I LOVE IT and my students do as well.
@chclteteacher We're so glad that you and your students like Fusion Lens! :)
It's simply awesome. I have tried to use a protoype of it when I was with Nicole a while ago. And it's the first of this kind i'm pretty sure. It's very easy to carry, you don't need another stick or something. Just plug on your phone and use it. I'm doing a bit travelling in Europe now and I wish i had it with me! The price is completely reasonable, there are a few 360 cameras out there in the market and they are unbelievably pricy for some reasons. You can shoot HD with it, in 360. If you want your images to be different than the others. I would highly recommend you to try it, I think you will be genuinely delighted! And wait, you don't even need a battery for that.
@hkleowong So glad to have your product review! Thanks for the nice comments on Fusion Lens. Working on the product shipping and hopefully we could see your 360 pics in your next trip! :)