FUSED footwear

Home-growing the Future of Footwear by 3D printing sneakers!


FUSED footwear offers made-to-order 3D Printed sneakers. Contrary to conventional shoes which are comprised of multiple pieces glued and stitched together, FUSED shoes are made all in one piece. The fashionable lifestyle sneakers are low or high cut, feature a comfortable cushioning midsole and can be customized in numerous ways.

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Bhavneet Chahal
Mario Grunitz
V Yeung
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  • Bhavneet Chahal
    Bhavneet ChahalCo-founder at GoSkills.com

    They look and feel great!


    No cons

    I just bought a pair and love them!

    Bhavneet Chahal has used this product for one week.
  • Mario Grunitz
    Mario GrunitzEntrepreneur

    awesome designs by an awesome designer


    you gotta get rid of your nike collection to make space at home

    you start with one pair and you want more

    Mario Grunitz has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    They look awesome


    didn't notice any logo... Brand identity, u know. But I love them as is.

    Saw these in a custom sneaker FB Group, blown away.

    Nizos VonTrapinsstein has never used this product.