Funny or Die News Flash

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Funny or Die apps always pique my interest. When will we see the @galifianakisz Between Two Ferns app, @alans? ๐Ÿ˜‰
@galifianakisz @rrhoover As soon as Zach wants it ;)
We're pretty psyched to be launching News Flash today. We'll be curating the news daily into short blurbs and adding our own satirical take on it. We think it's perfect for people who want a lighter take on what's happening. I'm around and happy to answer any questions!
@alans fantastic idea! It would be great if there was an in-app browser though.
@shlomofellig funny you should say that. We actually did at first but it hit a roadblock in the review process because of it. Our plan is to work towards reintroducing it.