Fundraising Rules

Understand how VCs work

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As a long time venture capitalist and startup founder, Mark Peter Davis has been on both sides of the deal table. In The Fundraising Rules he explains the valuation process and rational behind the often upside down world of venture capital.
Great book! Mark's invaluable experience both as an entrepreneur and as an investor can be witnessed through this book. He does a great job laying out the concepts in simple terms which makes it easier for first time founders. I'd highly recommend it especially if you are looking to raise institutional funding.
Cool to be nominated randomly to this list. My mission in writing this book was to create a simple handbook designed to help entrepreneurs understand and navigate the fundraising process. It's written for all levels. This book has helped thousands of founders manage their fundraising game, which (to me) is pretty cool. Happy to answer any questions. -MPD
With so much poor advice on fundraising on the market, it's challenging to find a trustworthy resource. Mark shares his insight from watching entrepreneurs who had strong products and are investment worth but didn't understand the "rules". Rarely is someone willing to give you the inside game to help steer entrepreneurs in the right direction, so I highly recommend founders take advantage.
Happy to see this book on Product Hunt today. The Fundraising Rules is a must have guide for entrepreneurs BEFORE they start the process. Super helpful!