FullContact for Gmail

Your Gmail Contacts. On steroids.



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Brad Feld — Managing Director, Foundry Group
Disclosure: I'm an investor and on the board. I'm also obsessed with this program (previously, I was an investor in Gist which was acquired by RIM, but had something similar, but not nearly as good.)

I've been using this for six months. It's indispensable.

Try it. Feedback welcome!
Andy O'Dower — Head of Product @curiositydotcom
@bfeld I've known of these guys from pitching at events with them back in 2010. They know their shit inside and out with contact information. Really happy to see this out!
webhat/redhat — Director of Technology, Oplerno
@bfeld I removed it after it asked for my username and password without me being able to verify who was asking, looked too much like phishing to me.
Kipp Chambers — Marketing, FullContact
@webhat Thanks for the comment! We use Google's native Chrome User Authentication platform to power the 'Sign in with Google' functionality. We understand the concerns, and are looking into ways we can create a better sign-in interface within a Chrome app that shows the official Google URL, rather than using Google's native Chrome interface.

Until then, you can always create an account using your email address at https://www.fullcontact.com, then use that account to sign into the FullContact for Gmail extension. Thanks again for the feedback!
Jay Neely — Creator, BostonStartupsGuide.com
I had just uninstalled Vibe and was despairing of finding a useful Rapportive replacement. Glad I came on ProductHunt today.
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