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Generates a full-length web page screenshot for free

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Meet web page full-length screenshot tool, which will capture website view including below the fold and will give a shareable link for handling screenshot image sharing easily. No Ads and No Registration needed.
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Hey hunters! I'm sure you also had moments when you need a full website screen including a scroll area, where most of the content is hidden on a regular screen. About a week ago I saw that there are Youtube tutorials for taking a screenshot of a screen, where the author scrolls down a page and takes multiple screenshots, then using Photoshop he gets out a full-page screenshot by merging those images. Honestly, it was terrible :) That's why we decided to put together very basic functionality to take a full-page height screenshot and get a public sharable link. Enjoy and share!
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@tigran_bayburtsyan Nice! Any plan for an API?
@tigran_bayburtsyan @mikelholford Hi, can you please let me know what could be the usecase of API based screenshot ?
@mikelholford yah it could be definitely! right now just collecting feedbacks, but API is the most logical way to move forward on this.
@tigran_bayburtsyan Love it! Congratulations on the launch!
@tigran_bayburtsyan @mikelholford @amit_aggarwal2 One possible use would be auto-generating thumbnails based on URLs.
Can you make edits, like highlight areas of interest in the screenshot?
@ianwdj We will collect all suggestions and comments for the future updates
@ianwdj Can you let me know what is your usecase like what do you do so you need to highlight the screenshots.
Works great but I feel like the experience would be a bit smoother as a [Chrome] Extension EDIT: Just to clarify, I'm aware of what Chrome has built-in, and what extensions are available. My original point wasn't super clear (my bad!) and was that taking a screenshot should be a passive experience not an active one where I have to navigate to a separate website :D
@justin_rockmore Awesome Screenshot (https://chrome.google.com/websto...) does the job fairly well for me.
@justin_rockmore I actually love that it's NOT another Chrome extension to install, but a website :)
@justin_rockmore I've made a full page screenshot app for MacOS last year. Maybe that would be a different experience. It's also open source. https://github.com/ozgrozer/truman
@justin_rockmore Chrome already has this built in. Open the View->Developer->Developer Tools panel, then click the "phone and tablet" icon in the top left to switch to a responsive testing view. Resize the view to your liking, then click the "three dots" icon in the top right and pick "Capture full size screenshot". No extension or third party service needed
lol this tools help me found a bug on my blog, i have some duplicate section which cause my blog homepage super long, it didn't manage to capture the full page, miss by little. https://fullpagescreencapture.co...
@imknight Nice to hear that :)
Great, it works on mobile browsers as well!