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Hey Product Hunt! In chatting with folks in the community of my project Byteconf, I realized that a ton of people are struggling to find frontend jobs right now. At the same time, I'm seeing a HUGE amount of new job postings in the new year, as companies have new headcount and are ready to begin hiring again. Decided to take a stab at fixing this bit of cognitive dissonance that I started this year with by launching a new framework-agnostic job board, which I'm calling Frontend Jobs. If you're looking for a new frontend gig, whether it's with React, remote, or any other combo of job type + experience level + location, we've already been seeing a ton of very cool gigs — one of my recent favorites was an internship on Playstation's internal tooling team 👀 Make sure to check them all out on the site! We also post each job on Twitter too, so consider following us at @getfrontendjobs! If you're hiring, I'd love to have you post on the site! Each post gets shared with the Byteconf community on our Twitter and Discord server (join us!) - more details/stats at the post link above. During launch, posting is $1 (mostly to make sure my payments code works 😃) - but if you're working at a company where the primary product is open-source, reach out! We'll post your job for free :) Thanks, and happy job-hunting all!
@getfrontendjobs @imkmf Hi Kristian, I noticed on the site you refer to a 10,000 strong community. Would you mind describing who that community consists of just hours after launch? Well done on acquiring the users, just curious where they have all come from so quickly. The discord only reads ~950.
@getfrontendjobs @daniel_fein Hey, great question! I've been building Frontend Jobs primarily for the Byteconf community - most of the folks there are pretty new to the industry, or don't have a ton of connections to find new gigs. That number includes the Byteconf Twitter following (we cross-post everything from @getfrontendjobs to the @byteconf Twitter) as well as the mailing list, our Discord, etc. In addition, Frontend Jobs will be a kind-of permanent fixture at our live conferences, so I expect to see a fair amount of traffic being driven from those as well. Great question though - I'm going to revisit the copy and make it a little clearer where that number is coming from. Thanks!
Looks like a good project, might be of use to me soon. Smart to make the initial job posting price low to get visibility and traction with job postings. Also, Byteconf looks great too, I'll try to make the next one.