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#4 Product of the DayApril 16, 2018

The "Front-End Design Checklist" is an exhaustive list of elements which Web Designers and Front-End Developers need to take into consideration to facilitate their collaboration. The elements listed are a mix of known practices and new elements based on a long experience analysing web designs.

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    very usefull to do list


    wait for webdev and webdesigner feedback

    very nice work ;)

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David Dias 🌴Maker@thedaviddias1 · Front-End UX / UI Developer
Hey Product Hunt, For years, I’ve been reviewing a lot of creatives. From simple websites to international and big platforms, I have worked with a lot of Web Designers with different backgrounds, trying to give life to digital projects. After creating the well-known “Front-End Checklist”, I decided to launch the “Front-End DESIGN Checklist” which is an exhaustive list of elements which can help developers to analyse and understand web designs and ensure the quality of their Front-End development. Most of the time, many Front-End beginners struggle in giving feedback to the creative team. Then, they face issues during the development phase. With that checklist, I hope to help people to have a single document to work with and facilitate the collaboration between different teams. Next up: * A website based on the Front-End Checklist design and functionalities * New open-source project around the Front-End development * A tool which will have all the future tools in one place... Thanks everyone for the support and don’t hesitate to leave me a comment or do a pull request on Github! David
Whoa this is pretty awesome. What tool was used to take these screenshots of the browser tab?
David Dias 🌴Maker@thedaviddias1 · Front-End UX / UI Developer
@leonardofed just took a screenshot of the website in his chrome browser :)
Logan Honeycutt@growwithlogan · founder at @artistsatscale
Lovely! Huge fan of your previous checklist
David Dias 🌴Maker@thedaviddias1 · Front-End UX / UI Developer
@growwithlogan :D The app version will be launched in the next days :) Don't hesitate to send some PR!
Charly R@charly_r · Web-designer & Frontend Dev
Cool ! You should put first in the readme on github ex: Blazing fast static site generator for React
David Dias 🌴Maker@thedaviddias1 · Front-End UX / UI Developer
@charly_r Gatsby is awesome! I love it, but I can't see the value to add that on the checklist? 🤔
Charly R@charly_r · Web-designer & Frontend Dev
@thedaviddias1 If you can add the link to see your solution live would be great
David Dias 🌴Maker@thedaviddias1 · Front-End UX / UI Developer
@charly_r I'll be launching the app in the next days 😉