Over 170 Bootstrap 4 based responsive design blocks ready to be used by developers or designers alike to create beautiful modern websites. The project is Open Source and free to use in web and mobile applications. Froala Design Blocks is available in HTML5, Angular JS, React JS, Vue JS, Photoshop and even Sketch.

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Hi Product Hunt, Last year we've made Froala Design Blocks available to all of you and your feedback was amazing. Now it powers lots of websites and helped developers and designers to get their ideas to life faster. 😊 Design is evolving fast, thus we got to version 2 now. It integrates the latest design trends and makes use of the new features added in Bootstrap 4. Moreover, we made it ready to use in Angular JS, React JS and Vue JS so you can add them faster in your apps. We believe that Design Blocks should be the bridge of communication between developers and designers. Designers can get PSDs or Sketches, combine them together and then pass over to the developers to implement them fast in code. We're also introducing a new tool to help you combine designs right away on our website and then download the HTML files. It is called Design Blocks Builder and can't wait to hear your feedback on it: https://www.froala.com/design-bl.... Let us know your thoughts and what you'd like to see coming next! πŸ™
Filippo Mursia
Founder @LoveTailry
@st3fan Am I wrong or the Sketch download is not working? I just downloaded, but finally the files were the PSD
@mrdobelina It's fixed now. Thanks for letting us know!
Saish SankheCo-Founder, ScrapeNext
Amazing resource! It is going to be really helpful on number of occasions. Would love to see modal section next. Anyway, a huge thank you! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜
Csaba Kissi
Serial maker
Froala 2 got even betterπŸŽ‰. The webpage builder is a big improvement. Thank you for your work πŸ‘
@csaba_kissi Thanks for your support! I'm excited to hear that you like it! 😊
Jacob Jacquet
CEO & Co-founder, Rezi
Awesome - similar to Startup Framework which is a brilliant service. Keep it up!
Where were you two weeks ago??? lol.
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