Make new friends based on your interests and hobbies

#5 Product of the DayJune 01, 2019
Moved to a new city? Want to play music or get some coffee with someone? FriendZone brings like-minded people together and helps you make new friends. Select your interests from an easy visual interface and we do the rest. Find your partner in crime!
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This is so great! Congratulations! Don't have an Android unfortunately, but i subbed for the IOS version. We are also based in Barcelona by the way! Hope to see you at one point :) Best, Rapha
@raphael_allstadt Thanks a lot Raphael! We are in Barcelona Activa - Almogavers at the moment :) maybe we can organize a catch up!
@roberto_boasso We might be there as well soon! Let's stay in touch - i'll shoot you a linkedin Invite
Hey everyone! FriendZone was founded by three friends. We all play music and we were looking for a bass guitar player here in Barcelona. Since we all are expats, our social circles are not very large. We couldn't find an easy solution to achieve this simple goal. So we decided to design one! We are completely self-funded and the app is currently in public beta on Android. Would love to get your feedback!
@roberto_boasso Awesome! I'm from Barcelona, love to see indie makers launching here!
@roberto_boasso I've had this idea for a while. I'm glad someone is making it! How are you going to monetize?
@james_osullivan thanks a lot! We are going to try different models, mixing B2B and B2C, but in general we don't like the idea of a paid app :)
Sounds cool, much between tinder and Meetup I guess, but it seems super easy to find people. Exploring this more :)
@ashish_dadhore2 thanks a lot! It is indeed a combination of dating and group apps. πŸ˜€ What we try to change from those solutions is the focus on relationships and the uncomfortable feeling of large groups (especially if you are an introverted). And we want to keep it as simple as possible :)
Really enjoying Friendzone! I like the focus on people's interests and what we have in common. It feels very different from social media with more of a dating-style match between people. Plus it looks great, I love the design. With growth I'm sure it will only go from strength to strength.
@letsmakehey thank you so much Frances!!!