Like AA, but for any topic, and anonymously through Slack.

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Thomas Whitaker
Thomas Whitaker@thomaswhitaker · Product Manager
This sounds like a great idea to discuss your problems with strangers without fear of judgement. Would there be any sort of 'vetting' in terms of who is allowed to sign up in order to prevent trolls etc?
Derek Torsani
Derek TorsaniMaker@dmtors · Designer & Hobbyist
@thomaswhitaker Hey thanks! I was thinking a lot about that. Right now, as we grow, I'm just going to closely monitor keywords in the community so that any hate or trolling is as close to immediately removed and that user is banned. Members can also report abuse to "someone" in the community and they will take care of it as well.
Derek Torsani
Derek TorsaniMaker@dmtors · Designer & Hobbyist
Hey PH friends, I've been working on something new the past couple of months. It's called and is a safe place for like-people to discuss hard topics anonymously. Think of it like AA meets chat rooms but for any topic, all operated anonymously through a Slack community. There are groups for anything from depression to Autism/Aspergers, and underrepresented to divorce. I created this as a way for people who might feel like their alone going through whatever they're going through, to find others who can directly or indirectly relate. Everyone is able to remain anonymous without any personal information displayed in the community. Hopefully you enjoy and can join the community!