Friendly Automate

The startup and SME friendly HubSpot alternative

Friendly Automate is a professional marketing automation solution. Start winning more customers with less effort – at startup and SME-friendly rates.
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Hi hunters 👋 I am excited to announce the launch of my second product! 🙂 Friendly Automate is a professional 🤖 marketing automation solution that helps companies win more customers with less effort – at startup and SME-friendly rates. 🏆 It is based on Mautic, the winner of the “MarTech Breakthrough Award” 2019 in the category “Best Overall Marketing Automation Platform”. Mautic is the world’s first and most popular open source platform for marketing automation and referred to as the “WordPress of marketing automation”, in reference to its popularity and customizability. 💪 Every plan comes with a 90 minutes onboarding session, regular individual marketing automation training and unlimited support – at no additional cost. 🤝 Friendly Automate offers a simple and fair pricing based on the number of contacts. All plans come with unlimited emails, no initial costs, flexible monthly payments and no minimum terms. It costs up to 500% less than HubSpot’s “Professional” plan at comparable performance. I would love you to check it out! To make the decision easier for you, I am offering an exclusive 🤑 -10% off lifetime discount on all plans with coupon code MEOW, valid TODAY, April 21! You can try Friendly Automate for free for 14 days. I’m looking forward to your feedback!
Awesome, finally a great and save alternative to the big players like hubspot & co
Great initiative again. I would love to see how you can bring the "friendly" approach you are suggesting with end-users feedbacks. HubSpot doesn't release share its roadmap though.
@phb Merci Paul-Henri! I will add testimonials soon. And we'll have a public roadmap and a public revenue dashboard. I'm very inspired by startups like Buffer, Baremetrics and Nomad List that build "in the open".
That's a great idea! Does it have improved / additional features or the same than the original Mautic?
@lorismaz Thanks Loris! We we use the original Mautic code base, so it has the same feature set. The value lies in the package of secure hosting (which is not easy with Mautic) combined with regular training and support by product experts (which is very important to discover and apply the full potential of marketing automation).
@stefanvetter thanks for your answer, training is indeed a valued service! glws
@lorismaz Thank you! 😊
@stefanvetter discovered it by chance looking at alternatives to hubspot. the marketing automation costs 800/month at hubspot, so I have to say that you offer terrific value for your prices! is now on my radar for when I will need to buy a marketing automation solution
@giulio_maselli Thanks Giulio! We may be biased, but we also think that Friendly Automate offers very good value for the money 😉 We would love for you to check it out. You can get a free 14-day trial here: