Freshstatus by Freshworks

Better statuspage, in 1-click, FREE forever 🔥

Freshstatus enables businesses to communicate incidents, maintenances and status updates
- 1-Click and easy
- 250 subscribers in the free plan
- Unlimited incidents, maintenance and automation
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Got the email with the announcement from freshworks and decided I'd give it a try. So far, with all the quirks that are always part of a new product going live, I'm loving it


Simple, easy to set-up, free as in beer, user-friendly


Still some quirks, normal in a newly released product. Some stuff is still "coming soon" inside the platform which is a bit dissapointing

Product Maker @Freshworksinc
Thanks @javier_larroulet for your inputs... We will make a few fixes to those coming soon features. Thanks for understanding & do keep sharing any issues/improvements you have via in-app chat widget or via email to
Entrepreneur/Software Dev/Architect

I heard about it through their release email since I am also a customer of their FreshPing service. Excited for integration with it. Also would love SSL support with a custom domain (suppose to be a future feature).


Super easy to set up, very intuitive, free, overall great product so far. Support is superior!


Nothing major as of yet, only run into one little bug so far.

IT Manager

Not much more to say. Service is free and effective, simple enough.


Simple and free.


I've been pretty satisfied with the service.


Looking forward to seeing what more can be done with this platform.


- Easy to use - Easy to setup - Opportunity to integrate with other services - Offers custom URL integration


Not yet integrated with freshservice link incidents/problems with status updates Reminders can't be set to anything more than 1 day prior

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Love this app - its nice and simple to use but does everything you could ever need. It even has email notification for internal and external users. Only criticism from me is that the email notifications carry the Freshstatus logo and not my company logo so it is hard to see what the notification is for as a user...
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Love it. Great job guys.