Customer engagement teams can now add messaging to their support mix to proactively engage, retain, and delight customers from wherever they are - on the website, mobile app, in-product, or social DM's.

With a messenger that travels right inside Freshdesk, conversations can now be aced from the comfort of the help desk.

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Best of both worlds! Finally :) Summary for @PH Community: Our team has launched an amazing integrated experience of our customer messaging offering Freshchat within our flagship Helpdesk product Freshdesk. This enables customer support agents to work from within Freshdesk and still be on top of all their customer conversations. Background: We all agree how pervasive messaging apps have become in our lives. We think communication, we think messaging - FB Messenger, iMessage, Whatsapp. There is a notable transition happening in the world from public social media, emails, and calls, to private messaging - The average open rate for DMs is 98%, while it is only 20% for emails -> pointing to why businesses need to get on the bandwagon too. We took the leap last year in September when we launched Freshchat, modern messaging software for sales and customer engagement teams. Today, we're taking another step in the same direction, by integrating Freshchat with Freshworks Inc's flagship customer support software, Freshdesk. The integration aims to help small and big businesses ace their customer engagement game. Companies can integrate Freshchat on their website, mobile app, in-product, or social DMs to talk to website visitors and customers. The support teams, on the other hand, can respond back to conversations from the comfort of their help desk using a nifty-looking messenger widget. The messenger allows teams to assign messages, get context about the customer, and convert chats into tickets, if required, among several other things. If you're an existing Freshdesk customer, your customer conversations are about to get so much better. You can not just offer proactive support, but also onboard, retain, and re-engage your customers with campaigns. Reach out to our support to turn this on :) If you're new to both Freshdesk and Freshchat, give us a spin with a 30-day free trial, and let us know what you think. We would love to hear your thoughts. If you've any questions, please just ask. :)
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