Freshchat is a modern messaging software powering millions of conversations for sales and customer engagement teams.

Convert visitors into leads and users into happy, engaged customers on the website, in-app, mobile, and social DMs. A leap from legacy live chat software, Freshchat helps businesses and its teams focus on continuous and context-driven messaging experience.

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wow! Freshchat seems All-in-One ๐Ÿ‘‰: Intercom + Drift + Olark + Inbox After seeing, I might switch from Zoho CRM Suite to Freshworks! :-) ---- A long time Zoho Loyalist.
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Seems like a lot of potential. Will have to keep a close eye on this one.

This is Freshworks Inc.'s latest offering. Here's Freshchat, a modern live-chat experience for businesses of any kind.


Freshchat is built for teams of all kinds. Powerful integrations, beautiful messaging experience, bot support and more.


None that I can think of right now.

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We happen to be Freshdesk customers and this is the first we are hearing about Freshchat. Kind of strange that no one has reached out about it. We've been looking longingly at Intercom, so does this mean we can stop? Its unclear how this relates to Freshdesk. Is it a separate product? Replacement? Upgrade? Do we have to perform a new integration? I'll also tell you that the most frustrating thing about Freshdesk is lack of native mobile chat client for agents. Does Freshchat solve this for us?

Nice design. Nice support staff. might be good to have easy to find case studies to give the rich feature set more context.


Exciting new platform for talking to your customers. Makes all communication continuous so customers feel understood. Strong recommend :)


no real cons, but it can be tough to explain the different parts of any product suite and how they incrementally add to one another.

Think I may be switching away from Intercom...
@hunterbecton We'll be waiting to onboard you Hunter!
@srikrishnang So what's the best process for moving over users from Intercom to Freshchat?
@hunterbecton there isn't an exactly a process for moving - you can just start capturing information with us and add our messenger to your website and in your products. We have some differentiated features as well like Message Channels that you should explore. I'd suggest a demo with our team so you can get the most out of the product. Reach me - sri at freshworks dot com. Looks like you already have the messenger live on your site :). I'd want to ensure you are on-boarded well and set up for success with us!

Try it out for the sleek UI and get to understand your website visitors better! :)


Excellent UI and a cheaper product!


I don't see anything under this!