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Arun Sathiya reviewedFreshchatCatch 'em all. Keep 'em all.

Freshchat is built for teams of all kinds. Powerful integrations, beautiful messaging experience, bot support and more.


None that I can think of right now.

This is Freshworks Inc.'s latest offering. Here's Freshchat, a modern live-chat experience for businesses of any kind.

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We happen to be Freshdesk customers and this is the first we are hearing about Freshchat. Kind of strange that no one has reached out about it. We've been looking longingly at Intercom, so does this mean we can stop? Its unclear how this relates to Freshdesk. Is it a separate product? Replacement? Upgrade? Do we have to perform a new integration? I'll also tell you that the most frustrating thing about Freshdesk is lack of native mobile chat client for agents. Does Freshchat solve this for us?
@paul_shustak Hey paul! I know I said I'll get you on the beta! Sorry missed doing that! Yes we have a mobile app for the agents to chat from now! Its a separate product but will integrate into FD. Will reach you on email? I'm at sri at freshworks dot com