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Catch 'em all. Keep 'em all.


Freshchat is a modern messaging software powering millions of conversations for sales and customer engagement teams.

Convert visitors into leads and users into happy, engaged customers on the website, in-app, mobile, and social DMs. A leap from legacy live chat software, Freshchat helps businesses and its teams focus on continuous and context-driven messaging experience.

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Happiness Engineer, Automattic

This is Freshworks Inc.'s latest offering. Here's Freshchat, a modern live-chat experience for businesses of any kind.


Freshchat is built for teams of all kinds. Powerful integrations, beautiful messaging experience, bot support and more.


None that I can think of right now.

Co-founder karen.care, korwater.com.
We happen to be Freshdesk customers and this is the first we are hearing about Freshchat. Kind of strange that no one has reached out about it. We've been looking longingly at Intercom, so does this mean we can stop? Its unclear how this relates to Freshdesk. Is it a separate product? Replacement? Upgrade? Do we have to perform a new integration? I'll also tell you that the most frustrating thing about Freshdesk is lack of native mobile chat client for agents. Does Freshchat solve this for us?
UX Practitioner & College Professor

Nice design. Nice support staff. might be good to have easy to find case studies to give the rich feature set more context.


Exciting new platform for talking to your customers. Makes all communication continuous so customers feel understood. Strong recommend :)


no real cons, but it can be tough to explain the different parts of any product suite and how they incrementally add to one another.

Digital Marketing Strategist

Try it out for the sleek UI and get to understand your website visitors better! :)


Excellent UI and a cheaper product!


I don't see anything under this!

COO and PM at Parafuzo.com

The analytics section of this product is a joke compared to LiveChat. We use both (for different use cases) and are really unsatisfied with Freshchat. It's really hard to have a good grasp of your operation with such scant reporting capabilities. LiveChat offers much more customization and flexibility. I'd definitely recommend you use that.

It's also been unreliable of late, where several of our users are unable to use the chat. We've reported the problem and it took them about 5 days to detect it as a bug, and they've returned us an estimated 15 days for the bug to be fixed. This is way too long.

The only reason we haven't switched over completely is because to integrate LiveChat into our android app, we'd lose native support for push notifications and would have to implement it ourselves. We've researched chat apps quite a bit and definitely recommend LiveChat. We've looked at Intercom too and it looks very promising but would only make sense for us if we switched our e-mail support system (Zendesk) to Intercom as well.




Terrible analytics dashboard, lately unreliable


Really awesome chat service, good alternative to Intercom.


Simple design, easy to use



Designer/founder, Supermechanical
My mobile app uses Freshchat. I wanted something with an SDK that would allow in-app help with information about their install, and tied into a knowledge base also available on the web, which Freshchat does through a FreshDesk integration. We moved from Helpshift because they raised prices to go after bigger customers. Cons: 1) They overbilled me twice, for exceeding maximum users per month, which was demonstrably false by App Store analytics. Worse, their accounting email address bounced, and after promises to follow up, I got silence from their general support address. They were able to drag that out long enough to prevent me from getting a chargeback. 2) Integration with Freshdesk is weird. Definitely an afterthought, and Freshchat itself has a looser feel than Freshdesk which suggests it was an acquisition. You can sync knowledge bases, but it's not a live sync, and you will lose some metadata every time you resync. I basically have to treat the two as separate products, where Helpshift just had one straightforward product that served both mobile and web. 3) SDK is lacking. There's no way to get users to enter information upfront like their email address, which I had to get around by inserting a modal popup first. They have a branded bar along the bottom of the window, and when someone asked for a way to hide that, their response was, "Why would you want to do that?" Pros: Good price at the low end. Get it because it's what you want self-contained, not for any synergy with Freshdesk.
They were refusing to delete my account, took me 3 days of mailing with them in order to delete it. Can’t beleive that someone would do that today.