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Fresboard is bringing the best ways to collaborate in one unified workspace. Assign tasks, share notes and celebrate your teams' milestones all from one interface.

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Peter GenčurDesigner & Developer
There's something wrong with your ssl cert, https url without leading www fails to load.
Erick Barron
@petergencur yes, happened to me too.
Nils DominWebdeveloper, Owner of BLACK FOREST CODE
Thomas Casez
Designer, Fresboard
Hey Hunters👋 Thomas here from Fresboard. I deal with design and front end development here at Fresboard, excited to show it off today! Fresboard started as way to combine the combine the core ways that we worked on projects: note writing and brainstorming, project tracking, file sharing and team chat. We worked hard to make every feature well integrated within the greater picture to make a seamless experience. Also, we make sure not to force any one way of doing things - we just give you the tools and let you build the workflow that's best for you. Couple less than obvious features: - You can claim and assign milestone tasks to know who's doing what at a glance - Tasks can have comments and notes attached to them - You can create a note from any chat message in a project - Notes can be shared for freeform collaboration We also have Android and iOS apps currently in the works as well. Check us out for free and hope you enjoy!
Arjun Paliath
Freshchat @Freshworks
Same here, unless you add www the website does not load. The web app is nicely built and functions are also really slick. Too bad it does not have an iOS or Anrdoid App.
Stephen LeungUI/UX Designer at Prenetics
Can't go to your website lol
Samet Güngörensoftware developer
we can enter only under http, website cant load with ssl guys
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