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#1 Product of the DayNovember 09, 2015

Bonsai's Freelance Rate Explorer lets you visualize freelance designer and developer rates by experience level, skill, and geography. Simply put, knowledge is power. New and experienced freelancers need a tool like this to know what's fair and what's right to charge.

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Useful tool. Looking forward to seeing more skills on there (such as marketing).
@adamowenit Definitely expanding skills + countries soon. You can help by adding your own rates + sharing with others to do the same!
@matttbrown @adamowenit That's really cool. Super easy to use and compare numbers. I look forward to seeing this grow!
This is awesome, thanks for sharing.
nice tool - this should be up on TechCrunch, seems relevant to startups looking to contract out work
@matttbrown Super helpful to see as college student/ budding freelancer! Might be cool to have an option to highlight (different color) the average column of each graph. Or possibly for each skill set have an overview graph that shows the average hourly for each of the year break downs (1-3yr, 3-5yr...)
Hey everyone, one of the makers of the Rate Explorer here. We built it using data from our freelance contract generator (, which we also launched on PH a few months ago. Happy to answer any questions you have!
@matttbrown This is awesome, nicely done. I would've killed for this when I started doing freelance work a while back. "How much do I charge" is pretty much everybody's first question when they're getting started! Any plans to add non-US locations?
@pimterry @matttbrown and also other skills too? :)
@bentossell @matttbrown @pimterry @matttbrown Yep, other countries + skills are definitely on the roadmap. Just want to make sure we have enough data to provide a good sample, so be sure to submit yours via the 'Add Your Rate' button.
@matttbrown this is great! It'd be really helpful to show the total number of people that the displayed data is gathered from.
@matttbrown Thanks for making this. When entering a rate, it would be great if we can type to scroll in the list of countries.