Free Privacy Audit

From the makers of the worlds most popular privacy software.

Scan your website and find all of the critical data privacy issues that need to be fixed. Easily understandable reports for sharing with your tech team including clear instructions on how to fix issues that are found.
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6 Reviews5.0/5
We created this because we needed it ourselves. Based on a few open source tools, we've made it easy to understand and easy to digest.
Looks very interesting and with the free plan that will do for a lot of common users, very helpful!!!
Amazed at the depth of the report. Most of these sort of things companies put out are canned and very surface – This is deep enough to give you a starting roadmap, and maybe even terrify you a bit if you think you're already in good shape.
This is really cool. I just got my report for I was under impression there are no cookies and no trackers on my website. Eventually found PH has a cookie on page. I see something to be fixed. I'm building a privacy-focused apps and this is going to be super helpful. Best wishes to you and your team.