Free Invoice Generator

Simple and free invoice generator

#4 Product of the DayNovember 23, 2014
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A very simple and customizable addition to all those invoice generators and templates out there.
@ugurkaner any ways to save changes?
@alexmarktl couldn't see a way myself. Could be a nice feature to have
@alexmarktl @ugurkaner This feature as well as some others will be available in December
@dgalperin love how simple & fast this is. Currently using Freshbooks for this. Will it be possible to create an account so company data etc doesn't have to be re-entered every time?
@Ramin yes, it will be available soon, but even now most recent data is saved in your browser
Do you plan to release an open API?
@alexisohayon doesn't seem owners have such a plan, judging its been around for a while without much change
@alexisohayon what kind of an API do you think would be handy?
@alexisohayon Happy to chat about that. What kind of use case do you see for an API?
@dgalperin Hi Dmitry :) We are about to implement Stripe, and we were thinking of using Freshbooks for invoices but your solution seems simple enough to be looked at! I'd love to be able to automatize a bit. Thx :)
Very nice simple tool! Super fond of these kind of things.
I'll be using this, awesome little concept.
Any plans on open sourcing this or do you plan on monetizing it in some way?
@dbounds couldnt see any indications of such. What do you think people would be willing to pay for?