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Messenger for WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Slack & Hipchat


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Global CMO & former eBay evangelist

The amount of Franz's permanent CPU usage is a no-go for me. I stay with single IM desktop services.


Many IM services supported


CPU usage too high when selecting 3+ IM services

Prez, Bridges to Italy

This is just the best app for your desktop, you can check all you social networks and email apps at once in a very functional way. Meaning, you can check but also use each app (post, reply, emails etc.) I just love this.


I love having so many of my social networks and email apps in ou\ne place.


Waiting for Imessage to be included

Hidden comment
A big old nerd

This is supposed to be a chat relay. Why do I have to have a Franz account in order to use this application? I have enough accounts already. I'd love to try your tool out, but not if it requires me creating another online profile.


Have no idea, I didn't want to create yet another online profile just to use an app.


Why in the hell do I need to have a Franz account to use a product to connect to other accounts?