Comments on “Franz
Pedro A. Wunderlich@pddro · Designer, founder from Guatemala.
Installed and hooked up Slack, Messenger and Whatsapp. Great experience, straight to the point. Got up and running in no time. Not sure about the icon design. Is it a hipster mustache passing as a bridge? Why not just the mustache and lose the two pillars that look like walrus fangs?  See more
Paul Stoellberger@pstoellberger · chief data guy
@pddro +1 for that. much cleaner icon
Clayton Brand@clay_to_n · Head of Software @ Stasis Labs
@pddro Agreed. After much discerning, I think the "fang" looking things are supposed to be mutton chops.
Michael Ramirez@shoeboxdnb · LabelGrid / / DNBRadio
@pddro quick question.. are you still using Franz for all these? I tried it for a while but switched back to the native apps except for Gmail and Whatsapp
Pedro A. Wunderlich@pddro · Designer, founder from Guatemala.
@shoeboxdnb I'm not using Franz anymore. Using native Whatsapp.
Michael Ramirez@shoeboxdnb · LabelGrid / / DNBRadio
@pddro what made you switch? do you use Franz for anything at all?
@pddro I do agree that the logo is not ideal, but it resembles the beard that Franz Joseph I of Austria was known for. The app's name "Franz" is derived from him, as well.